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Turbo Agile with Workflow Engine

A System Delivery Methodology - Thomas Dahlgren - 10 Aug 2011

          -- O --

Recognize the following situations?
  • Project grows in size and complexity, increasing in numbers but not in efficiency.
  • Several months into the project: roles, responsibilities, routines are still discussed. 
  • Too much focus on obstacles, too much uncertainty, spreads the feeling of doom. 
  • Everyone is skeptic regarding the project plan, thus fulfilling its failure. 
  • Constant replanning, constant contract renegotiations. 
  • Widespread frustration, no more effort to excel in your everyday work.
          -- O --

Wouldn´t you rather have...
  • A highly efficient project team, as small as possible. 
  • Work solely spent on productive tasks. 
  • Strong project momentum. 
  • High motivation among team members. 
  • Simple, clear definitions of roles & responsibilities.
          -- O --

The Answer: Turbo Agile with Workflow engine.

          -- O --

Turbo Agile is...
  • An agile system development methodology.
  • A methodology focused on creating a System Development Motor running on highest gear.
          -- O --

Turbo Agile is used when... (different situations)
  • Kickstart is needed (project recovery, new perspective needed).
  • Time to market is crucial.
  • It´s time to try something different. 
  • Demonstrate that efficiency in the IT department can be better. 
          -- O --

Prerequisites for Turbo Agile
  • Strategy defined
  • Management authorization / prioritization - strong mandate for change. 
  •  Clearly defined expectations on client personnel. 
  • Technical architecture more or less defined. 
  • Large project room. 
  • Simple and "agile" contractual setup with vendors.  
          -- O --

The Project Room

The Turbo Agile Project Room.

          -- O --

A Typical Day
  • Constant meeting (following preliminary agenda).
  • In parallell: design / development / test / communication / planning / steering group etc.

          -- O --

The Workflow Engine
  • Main communication tool within the project.
  • Tool for keeping track of all issues, questions, tasks, design objects etc. 
  • Forum for discussing, qualifying design issues. 
  • Contains Product Backlog and Sprint log.
  • Workflows depending on object type. 
  • Assignments to individuals (with different roles).
  • Guarantees measurement and accountability. 
  • Bottom up approach for acquiring estimates for planning and status. 
  • Key: 
    • Use the workflow engine to enforce action. 
    • Easy for an individual: work and tick off tasks from priolist. 
    • Compulsory usage.
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